Traditional Pure bred Ragdoll Cats and Kittens Only

Registered with The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia


Feline Association of South Australia



 "Kitten page last updated 26 th April 2016"





NO Outcross Program lines from Persian, Birman, Balinese Etc.


Welcome to the home page of our much loved Ragdolls cats.
Our Cattery is in South Australia and we are very proud of the quality of all our cats
Showing with both FASA and GCCofSA with outstanding results.

Our Aim is to not only to show top quality Ragdoll cats but to make this magnificent breed available to loving homes.

We do NOT have kittens available all year as only one litter is allowed from any queen per year.

All pet kittens are desexed, vet health checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Micro chipping is optional.

Kittens do not leave home until they are 12 weeks old

No kittens are held with out a booking fee being paid

Booking fees are non refundable

Kittens are sold in order booking fees are received


See if any Ragdoll Kittens are available on our Ragdoll Kitten Page



Our most recent BIG success being

Royal Adelaide Show 2011

Best Ragdoll Neuter

Tanjirra Zeus


 Reserve Ragdoll Entire

Tanjirra Venus in Blue


"Gold Double Grand Premier Tanjirra Razzle Dazzle"



End of year Points

Reserve Ragdoll Neuter  (GCCSA)

"Double Grand Premier Tanjirra Zeus"


"Double Grand Premier Tanjirra Zues"



End of year Points

Best Ragdoll Neuter  (GCCSA)

 That's now two years in a row for him

Tanjirra Razzle Dazzle

Reserve Ragdoll Entire  (GCCSA)

Tanjirra Moonlite Lady



End of year Points

= First - BEST Ragdoll Entire in GCCSA

With Sparkles and her daughter Moonlite Lady


Just to top of a Good Year


Best Ragdoll Entire


Reserve Ragdoll Kitten

At the Royal Adelaide Show. In September


We use and recommend as our only choice as cat litter


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